Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bathing beauty!
Finally, summer is here and the weather is warm enough to swim! Of course we still have to heat the pool for Bobby to get in cuz he's a big wuss and won't unless the water is at least 85 degrees. G is at the perfect age for the pool. She still can't swim :-(  but hopefully by the end of this summer she will. But, she loves being in the water. She just loves it!! I'm still trying to work decent swim lessons into our schedule but am having trouble. In the meantime, Bobby and I have been working with her and she's actually doing really well. She can float on her back now. She doesn't feel comfortable doing it in the deeper water of the shallow end but she does fine over the swim step. Now I just need to convince her that there is absolutely no difference in floating there where its only 18" deep and just a few feet over where its 3' deep. She can swim across the pool using the kick board but only with her face in the water. For some reason she doesn't like doing it with her face above the water which confuses me. And, she's been working on swimming across the swim step (6-8 feet) with her own made up froggy stroke using her feet and arms. We're making progress.

Backyard pool days are very nice. We swim, eat bbq'd hot dogs, and listen to classic rock on the radio. Its a great way to while away a weekend day.

Here's G showing off some of her pre-swim poses:
 I'm not sure if she named this one but its funny
This is her classic ballet pose. She does this one often.
 Making a grouchy face just for fun
I think she called this one "princess pose"
No pictures of swimming. I thought I'd taken a few but they don't seem to be on my card. Hmmm. Oh well. I'm sure there will be many opportunities for swim pix this summer.

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