Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Pee-Wee Soccer
I thought it was time for G to try a sport. She's been doing well in dance class and preschool... it was time to branch out a bit. I think she's now ready to handle being on a team, dealing with some competition and learning to deal with having someone in her space. G was hesitant about soccer. I'm not sure she really knew what it was and that made her, naturally, a bit apprehensive. But, in true G style, she was still excited about the parts she did understand like getting new cleats and a purple soccer ball!

The day arrived!! G was assigned to the yellow team called "Crew". Not really sure how they come up with these names?? If I was grading it, I'd give our first day a B. The coach is a nice guy but trying to accomplish much with a group of ten 4 yr olds is tough. Bobby helped and the coach seemed very appreciative. I was a bit surprised that none of the other dads offered up any help and instead just sat there and watched them struggle... G ran quite a bit which she isn't usually a fan of and despite all her efforts the ball doesn't seem to move more than a foot at time when she kicks it. But, she did keep a positive attitude, did lots of smiling and did a good job following directions and standing in line while waiting for her turn.

It was a pretty good start. The program only runs about 6 weeks. We'll have to see how it goes :-)

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