Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Museum of Natural History
It was supposed to rain like God had been talking to Noah :-) but we'd planned to go to the museum and we were going to go! As it turned out, it did rain and it was a bit wet, but whatevs. I'd never been to the museum but I had a feeling G would enjoy it. She's been studying dinos at school and was filled with facts about them she wanted to share  She was especially excited about seeing the T-Rex and explained to me that they had REALLY big heads and little tiny brains and two fingers on each hand!

It being the last day of spring break for most in our area the museum was really, really crowded. But the great thing about museums is that there are really no lines to stand in so, other than the noise level, it was all good. We were able to meet friends Paula and Sophie there which made G really happy. She loves to have a friend along :-)

Being at the museum was kind of weird because, and I know this seems obvious and a bit odd but, everything was dead. G asked me about it several times "are those dead mama?" and "why are they dead?"

She crashed hard on the way home which was good because we hit gobs of traffic and it took a long time. But, she was pleasantly refreshed by the time we reached our door and just in time to pick up daddy for dinner!

G sporting real antlers as a tiara!
 G and S loved this polar bear but it is rather sad that this exquisite animal is now a photo prop
 These dino skeletons are in the main lobby. They are huge and very impressive.

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