Sunday, April 15, 2012

The big morning had finally arrived! G woke up a bit early and then around 7am we said we could go downstairs and see if the bunny had paid his visit. It was G's idea to cover her eyes so she could be surprised :-)
She didn't immediately go to her basket because she was distracted at the bottom of the stairs by an egg she say laying on the ground. If you look just behind the porcelain garden seat you can see another egg. She wouldn't find that one for quite awhile.
 Finally! She caught sight of her basket of goodies!
This was the first year that the bunny placed the eggs out of sight. G had to hunt a bit. Once she got the idea that they could be in drawers and under things she got pretty careful with her search.
With all eggs discovered, G began the long and drawn out process of inspecting, sorting, and comparing the contents of her booty. This took awhile :-)
With the egg hunt portion of our day complete, we got up and got ready to go to brunch. I messed up and didn't make a ressie for Mission Inn in time (major bummer) so we ended up going to Coco Palm. Really nice view and gounds but the food was mediocre at best and I thought overpriced for what it offered. You'd think a place that served cuban food would at least have decent ceviche, but no. Anyway, the four of us (Casey was at school) still had a very pleasant morning.

After that we came home, put on our jammies and spent the rest of the day doing almost nothing!!! G drew, we did some shrinky dinks and watched a movie and that was about it.

I think, except for the brunch ressie and the absence of Casey, we'll do it exactly the same way next year!

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