Monday, April 02, 2012

Bunny Fun!
Saturday was the day for fun Easter related activities. Even Rainforest Cafe had a little thing going on. Bobby was supposed to go with us but ended up having to work... bummer. Anyway, G had fun there with the bunny, Cha Cha the Rainforest Cafe mascot, an egg hunt and face painting!

After that it was off to our local mall! Apprantly my local mall has a mascot, Shadow the dragon. I'm not sure why a mall needs a mascot but mine's got one and G, no great shocker, loved him!!
Then it was Mr. E. Bunny #2. G said something about him getting from one place to the other... I think it must be easter magic that she doesn't seem to notice, or care, that they look totally different.
They had several little bunny-themed games including croquet which was really cute! It took G like... ummm.. 4-5 whacks of the mallet to get the ball to move about a foot. Then, when it still hadn't gone through she'd just give it a kick with her foot! So cute :-)
She was very proud of herself when she finally reached the end and got her prized trinket-filled plastic egg as a reward.
Afterward we stopped by the playground and fireplace area. I had to snap a few shots of her in front of the bricks. Ahhh, so beautiful.
The price of the cute pix in front of the bricks was that G caught a glimpse of the carousel in the food court.

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