Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vacation Day 1: Travel
Thankfully it was a fairly uneventful travel day. It was long, of course. We had to be up by 4am!! to get to the airport on time. Georgie amused herself for a bit by studying the safety card. She decided that having the plane crash so you can go down the slide seemed like a wonderful thing! First leg to Las Vegas with a plane change. Bad news was that we were a few minutes late landing then had to be tugged in which takes a bit more time. Then we realized that our second plane was the terminal furthest from where we landed. We barely made it to the gate as they were boarding which is super important on Southwest because there are no assigned seats. This meant we had no time to pick up some lunch in the airport so we just used our snacks. Yes, a whole day of crap food: chips, cheese crackers, pretzels and aminal cookies. Not winning any parenting awards for travel day I guess.

Oh well. We did arrive safely and joy, joy! so did all our luggage! BTW, not really kidding about the "all" part... we checked 6 bags! Hey, Southwest lets you bring 2 per person free so we figured, why travel light??

Our condo is super nice. Kudos to Bobby as he did the booking. Yeah! G likes all the Disney themed stuffies they have in the place.
Tomorrow: first park day at Magic Kingdom

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