Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lady and the Tramp
The movie is being released on Blu-ray so the El Capitan has been doing a special showing. I'm not sure I've ever seen the whole movie. Or, if I have, it was a very long time ago. Georgie hasn't even heard of Lady or Tramp. I had to explain to her that they were dogs :-)

We were lucky to be joined by friends Paula and Sophie and Tanya and Gracie. Just the girls, fun!!!

Mickey made a very brief appearance on stage before the show and they played a super old (as in black and white) Mickey and Minnie cartoon short. After that it was time for the main attraction. The movie is very cute although it was very apparantly made in the 50s. There are some not very politically correct representations of Italians and Chinese with the matching Siamese cats singing (in a very stereotypical Chinese voice) "We are Chi-a-nese if you please. We are Chi-a-nese if you don't please." Also I was a bit bemused by the idea that Darling was unable to take a walk with her dog due to her recent pregnancy. Very funny! Overall though the movie was quite enjoyable and Georgie said she "really liked it!"

I have no idea why Hollywood Blvd was fenced off. There must have been some sort of special event or filming in the works.
The girls sharing popcorn and candy.
After the movie we had lunch at Disney soda shop next door. Lots of Lady and the Tramp merchandise for sale, of course.
Later we went for a walk down Hollyweird Blvd. To G no trip is complete unless she has her pic taken with the giant Shrek!

The girls all seemed to enjoy the Grauman's Chinese theater lions. We checked out the crazies on the way back to the car.

I always love movies at the El Capitan. Fun day!

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