Sunday, February 05, 2012

Playing Hookie
Bobby ended up having a day off work so G and I played hookie from school and work! Sometimes you just need a mental health day, ya know? The weather here has been beyond beautiful (high 60s to mid 70s pretty much every single day!) so we decided to go to the zoo. You know what's great about going to the zoo, mid week in february? There's no one else there! Seriously, I think there were only about 50 people in the entire LA Zoo.

We had a really nice, super pleasant day. Since we have the passes I've been quite a few times with G which is nice because I know my way around now. G does too and always looks forward to hitting the playground just about midway to 2/3's in. That and the gorgeous carousel are always highlights of the day. This day was no different.

G's so funny. Of course there are tons of REAL animals at the zoo but I think her favorite are the animal statues near the playground 8-) She always wants me to take her picture with them.

The "elephant"
A "seal"
A "gator"

The "hippo"

And the ever popular "camel"

And now for some REAL breathing animals!

I'd been wanting to go to the zoo to check out the new tiger cubs. OMG so cute! I so wanted to pet them. There were two of them, totally cute running and playing and jumping all around. This is the best of my not very good pix :-(


G loves to do silly faces ;-)

G posing in front of the "stinkingoes". Seriously, they're pretty but sometimes EEK! they really smell.

A great hookie day! Definitely needed and enjoyed. The only bad thing is that G woke up the next morning and asked immediately "where is daddy?" I told her he was at work and that I was going to work too. She replied "ahhhh, I thought we could go to the zoo again today." Nope, sorry. She was all good though after a quick reminder that she was going to school and could play with her friends!

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