Monday, February 06, 2012

FCC So Cal New Year's Celebration
I'd considered going the last couple years but it always seemed kind of expensive. But after being encouraged by a friend we decided to go. Wow! I'm so happy we went. What a great event! It was HUGE! I think there were about 200 people. Luckily they do it at the Empress Pavillion because I think that's probably the only place large enough to host it. There was lots of food (advertised as 10 courses which seemed pretty accurate) and entertainment including a magician, a gymnast, and a super impressive lion dance team. One guy climbed on the other guys shoulders making the lion like 12 feet tall! It was pretty neat.

G was probably most impressed by the presence of the LA Chinatown Queen and Princesses... REAL LIVE PRINCESSES! Are you kidding me?? Georgie could not get enough of them and they were really, really sweet to the kids. They danced with them and twirled them and gave them hugs. Darling!

By the time we were getting ready to leave, it had already been a big day. I was hoping G would take a good nap but it wasn't really happening. I think she was too excited about the FCC party.

Finally G was all dressed and ready to go!
"Mama! Take my picture with the umbrella!"
Made it to Chinatown. Of course it was quite a bit less crowded than it had been a week earlier when we were there for the parade. I read later that there had been over 125,000 people there that day!

G with a member of the royal court. You might notice that she's now wearing a huge gold bow instead of the moderately sized black bow in the first few pix. Well shoot in Chinatown, where they're only 3 for $5, you can totally go for broke!

There was lots of dancing. G learned to "raise the roof"

Late in the evening the firecracker bubble wrap was laid out. I was impressed G was able to wait patiently while they did it. Good job G!

Finally the kids (and inclined adults) got out on the dance floor and jumped themselves silly popping all the bubbles. You can see G below, right in the middle of the mosh pit. So funny!

The dancing picked up again and a conga line began. G was in heaven!

More dancing with the princesses...

And pictures of course. Right after I snapped this one of G and her little friend Sophie she said to me "ok mama, take one with just me now" :-)

After a long and very fun evening it was time for us to go. We will definitely be doing this dinner again. Interestingly enough, now that I've been and seen the dinner and all the entertainment they provide, I actually think the dinner is a fairly good value.

Xin nian kuai le!! Gong xi fa cai!! Happy year of the Dragon!

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Paula said...

loved he play by play of the event. it WAS so much fun! i'm doing it again next year too! it was even better sharing it with good friends. love you guys! sniff sniff!