Thursday, December 08, 2011

YOOOOOO Gabba Gabba!!!!!
It's Time to Dance!!! We had so much fun. G danced, sang and jumped her sillies out. Afterward we went to the "party". Truthfully, compared to last year it was a bit disorganized but G didn't seem to notice. She had fun chasing balloons and meeting the characters. It was a nice Mommy/Georgie afternoon.
We ended up having really close seats, on the side but first row on the aisle. It was nice because no one was in front of us and G could stand in the aisle and dance her little heart out. G loved her dress. She did lots and lots of twirling!
"I like Bugs!!"

I'm not sure why but Travis Barker was there with his kids. His son played the drums and the girls did a little dance. It seemed so random to me. Anyway, at intermission I took G to the bathroom and on our way back to our seats this guy bumped into me. We both stepped back and said "sorry" and I started to step away then I thought, hey!! that was Travis Barker! That's when I realized that there was actually a large group of people waiting to take pix with him. As it turned out, the family who had been sitting right behind us for the show was standing there and asked me if I wanted them to take a picture of us. Uh, ok. So random.

Tiffani Thiessen from Saved By the Bell was also there. Again, not sue why. Odd.

At the party thing after G amused herself collecting and playing with the balloons.

DJ Lance

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