Friday, December 09, 2011

Goodbye Summer
Hello winter. Well winter in Calif anyway. I've always teased that in socal we only have two seasons: summer/hot and winter/rainy. Well, its not rainy here yet but it has been really, really COLD. For those of you who aren't local "cold" means like 50-55 degrees... I'm talking freezing!

When we left on vacation, it was still pretty hot around here. When we got back the warm days were gone. Summer was over but G had nothing to wear except flip flops and sundresses and she's grown so much that NOTHING from last year still fit. Time to go shopping! I know, so sad right? So G and I hit all our favorite stores to find some cold weather clothes. I think this velour set from Naartjie might be my favorite of the ones we found.
Seriously, how cute is this set?? The soft colors look so pretty on my girl. I love it and so does G. She put it on and immediately began twirling! Within a minute or so it was "mamabird, take my picture!!" A few more minutes "Now take my picture outside mama!!!" Sure baby. No problem.
Beautiful, happy girl.

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