Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Train with friends!
We love the Santa train at Irvine Regional Park. Its always a fun time. This year we were joined by friends Paula, Sophie and Courtney which made it extra special. G loves to have her girlfriend time.

(Fun fact: We just met Paula's family a year or two ago but we figured out that we were in China, and specifically stayed at the White Swan, at the same time. We probably sat next to each other at the hotel breakfast! Such a small world.)

We were a bit worried about rain but it turned out to be no problem whatsoever. It was a bit chilly but that only added to the feeling of yuletide. We rode the train, saw the big red guy, listened to Mrs Claus read a story, jumped in the bounce house, rode a pony, colored a picture, decorated a cookie and played a game! Two tons of fun for sure!

This was G's 4th or 5th visit with Santa this year. She really likes Santa. She hasn't noticed, or at least hasn't mentioned, that they all look so different. Interesting.
I love this picture of G and Sophie together. So sweet!
A pony ride is a must whenever we go to this park. Usually Bobby leads her around but this time G requested "mama!!"

G remembered Mrs Claus reading a story from last year. While on the train she kept saying "when we get back we're going to hear a story, right mamabird?" It must have left quite an impression on her.

When the sun dropped it started getting really cold so it was time to go. Great afternoon with friends!

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Paula said...

we had fun too. so glad we met you guys there. you know all the good places to go. i'm sticking with you from now on. the pic of G and soph is adorable! thanks friends!