Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fair time again
The last time we went to the fair was two years ago. My overrideing memory of that day is how freaking hot it was. OMG it was so hot!

This year we had a spare weekend day --super unusual on its own-- and it was going to be relatively cool so we thought what the heck and off we went to the fair. It also happened to be 9/11 so I think a lot of people were at home watching all the coverage. It was a nice day to do something normal and classically American like go to a county fair.

Of course we headed for the animals first. G loves the animals and she really loves the petting zoo. This one was fun because they had llamas. I don't think G had ever seen one and she liked them a lot. Bobby was smart and stood outside the area with the food. Let's just say he's not much of a fan of the goats :-)

They had this corn grinding demonstration and G loved it!! She stood there twisting the handle of that corn grinder thing until finally another kid wanted a turn and we finally made her stop.

Once she was tugged away from the grinder thing she started digging in the corn which was also quite fascinating to her. Seriously, who knew dried corn could be so mesmerizing???"Mamabird, take my picture with the corn!!"

G just being cute!

They had this thing set up to teach kids the farm to market process. First you got the seed:

Then you planted the seed: G got to milk a "cow":

Then you harvested the fruit:

At some point you sold your milk and veggies for money and then went shopping in the store. G was kind of bummed that at the end you had to just turn in your stuff and your money and got nothing but the experience in return.

I guess this is our official fair family photo.

G loved the dinosaur room! She was crawling on it and climbing on it. She's such a goof.

The had an area they called Princess and Knights. One side was for girls: pink, princess dress up clothes, tiaras and a play kitchen with, among other things, a play vaccuum and brooms. Then there was the boys side: shields, armor and swords. My I-am-woman-hear-me-roar side was a bit bothered by the way the gender roles were being presented to children. My mom side was happy to watch my daughter get such joy out of dressing up and playing make believe. I tried to get G to give the knight side a try and she was having NONE of it. She didn't even want to enter the knight side. Seriously, I felt like I was trying to drag her into the boys bathroom or something. But she went to town on with that little vaccuum. What's a mom to do?

G loved this carousel. I'd never seen a two story one before. It was beautifully painted. G loved riding on the second story horses!

After 5 hrs at the fair we were exhausted! We're hoping to be able to go back one more day this year because there was so much more to see. G's hoping for more rides!

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