Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beach again???
Yes! G had so much fun last weekend we thought we'd try it again. said it was supposed to be sunny and what seemed like warm enough. Uh, yeah. Not so sunny and barely warm enough but still funtastic!!! G spent about 4 hrs running and playing. She made friends with another little girl and they giggled and dug in the sand. Me? I sat in a chair and dug my toes in the sand. Ahhh, relaxation. We barely had enough time to stop at the local Ruby's and get 1/2 a grilled cheese in her before she started falling asleep mid bite. Poor little thing... we really wore her out. Its not surprising she slept really well that night :-)

"I command you!!!!"

Bobby and G begin working on their creation

G as Ursula the sea witch... hence the angry face. Bobby was not terribly happy with the result. As he explained to me he has a plan for a much better Ursula next time. Haha! Bobby takes his sand art seriously ;-)

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