Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer School Carnival
The last day of summer school, they had a carnival. It was cute! They had little games like horseshoe toss, magnetic fishing, and bean bag toss. They must have talked it up a bit because G was really excited about the carnival and the prospect of getting prizes (pencils, erasers, that sort of thing). I hung out for awhile, it was fun to see her having so much fun!

Summer school was a big success. It went so much better than I thought it would. G loved her teachers, she loved the crafts, the story time and bringing her lunch. She told me every day that she "loved her school" and was excited each morning when I'd tell her it was a school day! I'm hoping its a sign of things to come and that the positive feelings for school will still be there in september.

This is G with one of her teachers. All the teachers are very nice, calm and down to earth. I liked them too!
G making a super goofy face at me during story time
Magnetic fishing. She stuck her little pole in the water and tried to catch the fish like that for awhile but, frustrated by her inability to catch one of the little plastic boogers, finally grabbed the fish with her other hand and stuck it onto the end of the pole! haha!

They had this balancing thing out on many mornings. G was usually kind of intimidated by it and would only give it a try if I held her hand. Eventually she became more confident and, by the last day, she was doing it on her own. G joked that she was doing it in her "high heels". They just have a little tiny heel but G thought they were fancy.

G's favorite part of the morning was the parachute. She got really excited and started laughing and jumping! It was nice to see her let loose a bit. She's usually so tentitive.

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