Monday, August 22, 2011

Purple and Pink's!
It seems like the fun never ends!!! We've had so many things going on. G's been in absolute heaven. Next stop: Barney! Georgie really likes Barney. Its funny because the big purple dinosaur has been around FOREVER. In fact, Casey had a Barney birthday party the year he turned 3.... he's now 20. OMG I'm old.

Anyway, the day started out great. We got up and out early and made yet another trip into Hollywood. Geez, we've been spending a lot of time in LA lately. Anyway, we arrived and G was happy as could be. Bobby dropped us off at the front of the Gibson (he drove us but decided he was OK with skipping Barney LOL) and off we went. While we were waiting to be admitted G was dancing and joyful! We went in, did a quick meet and greet with Barney. Even though he's like 7 feet tall, G didn't care! She does love a character. We went out and visited the souvenier table... G ended up with a stuffie. Again, she was so happy. She was dancing and making Barney dance. I thought, awesome! The show was getting ready to start so we found our seats: Row BBB which I thought was going to be the second row turned out to be the first!! Cool!! Then, about 5 mins before the show started, G said "mama, my tummy hurts". Nothing really seemed to be wrong with her but she was not a happy camper. I tried everything: rubbing her tummy, trips to the bathroom, offers of water. She felt so crummy she even turned down an offer of popcorn! Uh oh, things had to be bad.

So instead of dancing and singing along she spent the majority of the show sitting in my lap, curled up in a ball. It sucked!!! I felt super bad for her and honestly a bit frustrated by the situation. At one point I asked her if she just wanted to go home but she said no, she just wanted to watch. So thats what we did.

Then, about 85 mins into the 90 min show, she announced that her tummy felt better. About 15 secs later she said "mama, I want to dance".... and then she got down and she did! So, for about 5 mins, she really enjoyed herself! What a total and complete bummer.

The good news is that after that she was totally fine. We spent the rest of the day at CityWalk, had lunch at Pinks, browsed the shops, etc all the while G was happy as could be. Ah well, what can you do???

G looked uber cute in her Baby Bop dress. Seriously, so cute!

At the meet and greet. BTW, Barney is freaking huge!! G was the first kid to go up which was probably good because she loves characters. I could hear several of the parents telling their kids "look, see that little girl? she likes Barney"

G with her beloved Barney stuffie. Georgie just loves her stuffies. If she didn't, I definitely wouldn't buy them. They're such dust collectors.

Waiting in the lobby before the show. Still smiling!

We enter the theater... all still good!Just 10 mins before the show... this is probably the last smile before the dreaded tummy ache. Just about 90 mins later when G's tummy ache has subsided:

Dancing along!!! You can see the yellow dinosaur (I can never remember their names) is waving at G. A couple of the characters as well as the uncostumed dancers had waved at her during the show--they probably thought she was scared or something. I think yellow guy was happy to see her up and having fun.

This picture cracks me up. G loves confetti/streamers and she's pretty territorial. Check out the look she's giving this little boy as he approaches her collection of streamers... haha! It was nearly pitch black when I took these pictures. I pointed the camera in what I thought was her direction and was hopeful I'd actually get a shot of her. Definitely not her most charitable moment :-)

With her streamer wad. G had me put it in my backpack so we could take it with us. I slyly ditched it as soon as we got home. G didn't give it a second thought.

After the concert we went to Pink's hot dogs. I'd always wanted to eat there. I'm not really sure why... I don't really even like hot dogs that much. But, I guess I'd heard about it for so long it seemed like something to try. I've actually gone by the one on La Brea a couple of times but the line always looked so, so long. I couldn't imagine standing in line for 30-40 mins to get a hot dog!!! But then I found out they had another one at City Walk... yeah!! No wait at all. Walk right up and get your own personal $10 hot dog!

I have to say, it was pretty great. I got something I think they called a Stagemaster: spicy polish sausage dog with nacho cheese, mushrooms, and bacon!!! OMG!!! After all this healthy eating I've been doing it was unbelievable. The combo came with seasoned fries and, for only $1.95 you could add a funnel cake!! Are you freaking kidding me?? I love funnel cake. Sold!!

Bobby anticipating his lunch:

Mmmm, doesn't that look heavenly?? Btw, G's tummy ache was no longer an issue... she ate her own hot dog, about half those fries and as much funnel cake as we'd let her have.

After all was said and done, even with G's tummy ache setback, it was a pretty good day ;-)

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