Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Under the Sea
under the sea.... darling its better, down where its wetter, take it from me!!!

The new Little Mermaid ride opened at California Adventure a few weeks ago and I'd been really wanting to take G. My girl is an Ariel fanatic. We hooked up with friends Tanya, Gracie and Kyle and made a Mermaid day of it by booking the Ariel's Grotto princess lunch also.

We got there early and ended up waiting in line maybe 10-15 mins to ride. By the time our short ride had come to an end, the wait had increased to 45 mins, eek!! G loved it!! We were able to get on a few more things then went to the Grotto for some much needed food. G loves her princesses and eagerly collected all their autographs. So fun! Gracie suggested riding Monsters, Inc. G jumped at the suggestion completely forgetting that the last time she rode it a few mos ago she was really scared. I guess hanging out with Gracie--who at 4.5 is much older and more sophisticated :-) --made her feel brave! And, because Gracie was walking, G wanted to walk all day too. Normally she would ask to ride in the stroller or want me to carry her. They were so cute together all day, holding hands and giggling. Adorable!

This was taken right after we got off the ride. G was super happy!
As usual G was super picky about which "fishy" she rode on the merry go round.
At the Grotto. First stop, Ariel!! As you can see, G's wearing her Ariel costume also! She made a little comment to me about hers being better because she had a tail...

Snowy--notice G's "princess hands"

Belle--the same Belle was there in January. So weird that I remember her.

With Cindy. By the way, I've been looking to get G a Cindy costume but none of the dresses I've seen available really look like what she was wearing. I think I'm going to have to keep looking.

Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty. That pointy little crown she wears is so funny. G loves Aurora but the funny thing is that she's never seen the movie although we've read some stories in her princess book.

The whole crew after lunch! I was just amazed I got a pic with everyone looking at the camera at the same time. Yeah!

Overall a fantastic day! Great weather, good friends, lots of fun!


Tanya said...

Great post! We had a blast hanging out with you guys. We'll have to do it again after block out days.

Paula said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Sorry we missed it. I guess we could've got into the grotto with you. Oh well. Next time. G's Ariel dress is beautiful and yes it is better than the "real" Ariel's costume. Hee hee!