Wednesday, June 22, 2011

25 years
ago (yesterday), I married my best friend. Twenty-five years later, Bobby's still my best friend. We've been through a lot together. It hasn't always been easy. Life is never all easy. But, I couldn't have made a better choice in the person with whom I'd take the journey. If we make it to twenty five more, we'll be 70 yrs old!!! OMG, what will the next 25 yrs or so bring??

Unfortunately, we both had to work. Bummer. But Bobby was super sweet. He goes to work in the middle of the night but left this for me to find in the morning. Bobby knows me, I'm such a dork --a handmade card and sweet sentiments made from G's bath letters-- love it!!! He also knows I'm a fan of little, satin-lined boxes. There was one hiding under the card.
Yes!!! The heart-shaped earrings that match the bracelet he got me as an early anniversary gift a week or two before!!! I do enjoy a bit of bling!

Then he sent me cute texts all day on my phone at work. Ahhhhh, I know, right? Then I came back from lunch with a friend to find these gorgeous flowers!!! I truly love the lilies.

I got Bobby a new wedding ring. He lost his years ago and had been discussing a replacement for awhile. I picked the wrong size though so we'll need to exchange it. Clearly Bobby is better at gifting than I am :-) We'd already celebrated over the weekend with a nice father's day/anniversary/graduation dinner out for the 5 of us. We even went to a non G rated movie!! Since Brett's home, we were able to slip out after G was in bed. Bridesmaids, too funny!

Great couple days!

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