Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday with Baby Bird

From the day we met Georgie, I think hardly a minute has gone by when she hasn't been hungry. The kid loves to eat. Seriously, with the amount of food she consumes you'd think she'd be a little chunkster. She's not of course. She's 50% on both weight and height.

G eats a good healthy dinner and then gets up and starts looking in the cupboard for food. On days I'm home with her I spend much of the day feeding her snacks: strawberries, carrot sticks, string cheese, gold fish crackers, blueberries, etc., etc., etc. When she was a baby, of course, she couldn't ask for food. She'd just hold her little mouth open and kind of grunt. It totally reminded me of a baby bird begging for food from its mama. So I started calling her Baby Bird. As time went on she picked up on it and started calling me Mama Bird and bobby Daddy Bird. She does it all the time now. Its absolutely freaking adorable!! About 100 times a day "MamaBird, I love you" .... "MamaBird, I'm hungry" ... "MamaBird, can I watch tv??" ... "DaddyBird, will you pick me up?" So cute!

Bobby had to work Saturday so G and I spent the morning together. We're usually super busy but this Saturday was pretty calm. G rode her bike, we looked at the flowers in the yard. Nice! BTW, how cute it G's outfit? Its one of my all time fav's. So pretty!

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