Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pacific Asia Museum
A few months ago I subscribed to Macaroni Kids an online newsletter. Its pretty neat because it lists all sorts of family and kid related activities available in our area that I probably would never know about. I came across a listing for a family day at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena. I didn't even know the museum existed. What a find! We had an awesome time. They had lots of crafts and activities for the kids plus martial arts, a dragon dance, taiko drum demonstrations and samples of food. The best part? activities, entertainment, parking, and even food were completely free!

Also neat was that we were able to meet another China adopt family there! They have a super cute and very active 5 yr old boy. They actually live quite close to us so hopefully we'll be able to meet up for some more fun in the near future!

G loves to ride around Daddy's shoulders !
G was fascinated by the Hanbok display. Seriously, could hardly keep her away from them.
This is G doing some origami. I think origami is so cool. Unfortunately I've never had much patience for it. With a little help from Bobby, G was able to create a little kimono.
G sporting her barely colored Thai crown. She must have been going for the minimlist look.

As usual G worked very diligently colored in every space of her shrinky dink project.

Checking out the taiko drums. G is such a gentle little girl. Bobby and I kept telling her to hit the drum really hard but even her most powerful attempt elicited hardly a discernible thump from the drum.

My favorite activity of the day was the clay. G made an "alligator". The turtle on the plate is my effort :-) Sadly, we were only able to spend a few hours there because I had something else to do that night. We never even made it into the galleries. Bobby and I agreed we're definitely going back.

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