Saturday, March 12, 2011

A night on the town!
Tonight was the last of our season at the Pantages. We usually go on Sunday nights but had to switch because we'll be out of town the day we were set to see the show. The sunday night shows always start at 6:30 which makes dining in los angeles a bit complicated. A lot of the restaurants don't open for dinner until 5:30 so it can be a bit limiting. Anyway, because it was our last show, I decided to have a special dinner. We chose the Gordon Ramsay restaurant at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

First of all, the hotel is GORGEOUS!! Silk sofas, marble floors, that kind of thing. The dining room was also beautiful --even the bathroom was beautiful :-) hahaha. The whole experience is very haute cuisine. The food is tiny, plated beautifully and served by not one but two waiters wearing what looked to be business suits! The first carried a large silver tray, the second announced your food. I definitely had the impression of "dining" rather than "eating".

After a wonderful and surprisingly very filling dinner, we were off to the show. Tonight's was Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Honestly, it was fantastic! The sets were absolutely gorgeous, the costuming amazing and the singing talented. Truly delightful. It doesn't hurt that its my fav of all the disney movie stories. I just love Belle --she's tough and she likes to read! I was surprised that there were about 5 or 6 songs that are not a part of the movie which was fun. Its hard to even express how much I enjoyed this show. So much fun!

I'm sad to say that this is the end of the theater season at Pantages. I'm not sure whether or not we'll be doing another season. I'd love to though.

This is the dining room of the Gordon Ramsay restaurant. We actually sat at the booth in the bottom right of the picture.
The food was so beautiful. I was glad I had my camera in my purse to snap a few pix. This was my appetizer, steak tartare with roasted beets, mustard, capers and chives served with some sort of cracker. Yum!!
My mom's appetizer: miso glazed sablefish with swiss chard and sweet turnips and some kind of noodle. Again, yum!
My mom's entree: she chose filet mignon and braised short rib served with onion marmalade, chanterelle mushrooms and sherry wine. On the left is some sort of little potato cake like a latke.
My entree: carmelized sea scallops, globe carrots (actually one very small carrot), mushroom ravioli (one, placed on top of the lower right scallop) and fennel flan --its the little thing onthe top right with the sprig sticking out of it. Cute but not at all tasty unfortunately. The scallops were wonderful and the little quail eggs were kind of fun. I think the whole plate looks like modern art
My dessert: a chocolate cylinder filled with banana and whipped cream and topped with toasted marshmallows! The ball on the right was some kind of ice cream that I didn't like.
My mom's dessert: some kind of hazelnut mousse with a cranberry relish (I think).
Me and my mom after the show!
Overall, I give the whole evening an A++ So much fun!!

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