Monday, March 14, 2011

I love my cats. They're soft, fluffy and do absolutely nothing other than sleep and eat and occasionally fight with each other. I wake up every day with them on my bed fast asleep. They're the sweetest things ever. But, they are super furry. I mean really furry and the cat fur does end up everywhere. It drives Bobby cuckoo crazy. One of the also tends to lick her fur a lot and ends up with hair balls. Yeah, not too attractive... so I decided I'm going to try to have them shaved and see if its better. They're 100% indoor kitties so they don't need the fur for warmth.

If it works out, I may never go back to full fur kitties so I thought I'd get their pix taken. I've tried to do them myself at home but, because they have those light blue eyes, I've never been able to get a good pic of them. Their eyes always come out red and the red eye reduction and fix things don't seem to work.

Because my kitties never go out they were quite frightened. Clem got used to it after awhile but Tallulah never did. After a bit she finally just curled up and closed her eyes. I'm sure she was wishing it would just all go away. I still think I ended with a few pix that are good enough.

On the steps: Tallulah (whose official name is Tallulah Does the Hula in Hawaii) on top, and Clementine (Oh My Darling Clementine) on the bottom.
Clemmy on left, Tallulah on right.
I'll have to post some pix of the shaved kitties later!

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