Saturday, March 19, 2011

El Yunque!
I had done tons of research in preparation for visiting the rainforest. Rent a car, go to caves, ranger tour times, shoot, I even knew what and where we were going to eat. I just missed one little detail... I didn't reserve the rental car. Oops. Stupid me, it just didn't occur to me that I'd have to reserve it ahead of time.

Since I still really wanted to visit the rainforest, Bobby suggested that we just go down to the port where the cruise ships dock the next morning and see if we could find something. So we did and we did-- a little too quickly actually as we hadn't had time to grab any breakfast!!! I'm sure I'm the worst mother in the world (G ate a couple bites of beef jerkey and some chips for breakfast and lunch (oops again). It wasn't the greatest trip of all time --there was zero flexibility and it was really short --but we did get there. On the positive side, it acted as a good intro trip for the next time we're in San Juan. I'm not sure when that will be but I have a pretty good feeling we'll be back here someday and when that happens, I'll be prepared!

However, it was still a very nice day and we got to see some nice sights. El Yunque is about an hour's drive from OSJ and very pretty. Amazingly, I got pretty good cell coverage there. Brett called me to ask how to cook corned beef and cabbage for his roommates (for St Pat's Day --he's so funny!) and I was surprised that ATT in the rain forest of San Juan is clearer than I can get when talking to him from home. Go figure.

After we got back, we caught the ferry over to Catano and had an early dinner. It was early so we decided to take a stroll around when Bobby got the idea to get some ice cream at the Ben and Jerry's we'd seen the day before. Unfortunately, we didn't realize how far away it was until he'd already told G so we had to walk over there. It was at least a mile! I think we've walked about 15 miles in the last 2 days, no exaggeration!

Photo stop on our way up the hill
The guide told us they grow medical marijuana up this road somewhere... hmmm.
In front of Coca Falls. This place was mobbed with people. I don't know how I got this pic with no one else around.
As soon as G saw this tower she started saying "I want to go in the castle mommy!!" Then she decided it was a tower "like on Rapunzel movie". :-)
So, we have just one more half day in San Juan before getting on our ship. Then we'll be on the boat and without internet access for 10 days. Its kind of love/hate thing with me. I love being able to access the net but it will be nice to unplus for awhile.

I'll post when we get back.

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Jen said...

Love following your adventures. Sounds like so much fun!