Monday, February 28, 2011

I made a mistake, I told G waaaaaaaaay too soon that I we were going to be seeing the Movers. Each week on friday I start talking to G about what we're going to be doing that weekend just to get her primed for what's coming up. Imagine it, just about 2 mos of her responding "going to 'magination movers concert mommy?" To say she was looking forward to this event would be putting it mildly.

Bobby and I decided to go a bit early and get some dinner at LA Live. He'd happily spent several hours at ESPN Zone a few mos before while waiting for us to come out of the Yo Gabba concert so we headed back there. This is definitely a sports lover's paradise. If you're not interested in what's being shown on the giant movie theater screen sized tv, no fear. They have small flat screens mounted to each table! Oh my goodness! I'm not much of a sports watcher (a little Lakers maybe) but if I were Yowza!!

Anyway, G didn't care. She was just happy they had mac and cheese and crayons! :-)

Then we were off to the show. The opening act was Choo Choo Soul. For anyone whose kids watch Disney Jr you're probably familiar with them. Super energetic! Then out came the Movers. I have to admit, they're pretty good. I enjoy their music. Its happy, toddler friendly, includes positive messages and has a good beat.

For the first half of the show G was a smiling and enjoying herself but fairly calm. This was a huge difference from Yo Gabba where she was a jumping jelly bean. But, by the second half she moved into her stride and started dancing and waving her little arms in the air. So cute! She had a really good time and I, of course, just love to see her have fun. There was a short guest appearance by two members of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy which was kind of cool. I haven't seen them around in awhile but I guess they're doing some other disney stuff now.

We had the "Movers Package" which gained us access to an after party with the Movers and Nina. We were surprised and excited to see that Genevieve and DC of Choo Choo Soul were also on hand for pix. DC did some beat boxing and for a big guy he does some pretty impressive break dancing moves. Genevieve is never without that huge signature smile! The Movers handed out tambourines and other small instruments to the kids and played a few acoustic songs and let the kids keep beat and sing. Then they interacted with the kids, signed autographs and made sure everyone got their photos taken. It was cute!! All of them were very sweet and seemed to really care that the kids had a good time. Way to go Disney!!

G was exhausted but I think I was even more tired than she was. Hey, partying it up with rock stars is hard work ;-)

Bobby and G waiting to go into the theater. G loved her Movers outfit! We cheated a bit and borrowed a red Angels cap from a friend. Thx Johann!
Choo Choo Soul's Genevieve and DC... "Steam train, steam trian, take me where I wanta go. Steam train, steam train, with all my friends, looking out the window!"
Mommy and Mover
Voodoo Daddy
With Genevieve
and DC

I was pleasantly surprised to see that our group pic turned out pretty good! G with the Movers crew

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