Sunday, December 19, 2010

Official photos
This was the Bass Pro Shops santa pic. Pretty good I thought but a little too much background for my tastes. My cropped version. He really was a good SantaAnd our official Yo Gabba photo. I was happy that it wasn't that bad. Usually I take a HORRIBLE picture, really awful, but this one is not that bad. Of course, G always looks great and its hard for a costumed character to look bad :-)

You used a code that let you get into all the photos from the concert. Supposedly Nicole Richie was there with her kids. Several people told me they saw it on the news (I know, I know. Yo Gabba and Nicole Richie's life is really not news but I live in the LA area, what can I say??) I'm not really a fan but I spent a few mins looking for her photo, never found it. Oh well.

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