Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cookies and Carols
Our local library regularly does kid/family events. For december they, not surprisingly, had a holiday theme. They read a story --don't recall the name but it was something about an owl and santa-- then they had cookie decorating and one of the local elementary schools sang christmas carols. Its less than 5 mins from our house, takes about an hour, its free, and G loves it!! Yeah!

This is G decorating her cookie
G quickly realized there was a much faster way of getting the frosting into her mouth then spreading in on the silly cookie first!
Finally eating her cookie... she would NOT share with daddy
With her goodie bag in front of the tree. G's getting better at looking at the camera for photos. For a long time she would always look toward the camera then quickly look away. Now she'll say "was I looking at the camera, mama?" and then I'll show her the pic. Sometimes she'll say "nope, need to do again" and she'll go pose again but if she finds she likes the pic she'll say "adorable!" I agreee.

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