Sunday, July 04, 2010

We've had a nice and relaxing day so far. Got up this morning and went to breakfast then off to Claremont to enjoy their festivities. Its a small thing, a few carnival type booths, some activities. One thing that's kind of neat is that there are lots of political groups that have booths and hand out literature. There's also a speaking corner where people can sign up and then talk about whatever they want for 15-20 mins. I must admit that I've never sat and listened to any of them --lots of people do --but its still pretty neat that citizens are being encouraged to participate in the process.

Anyway, G got to touch a tortoise, toss ping pong balls in water glasses and walk a rope bridge... which she was great at by the way. The guying manning the thing was completely shocked that she could do it on her own and hardly believed me when I said she was only 2-1/2 yrs old. Truthfully I wasn't completely sure she'd be able to do it but encouraged her to try.

She was exhausted by the time we came home so it was time for a nap. Then we did a few crafts, hung out, and BBQ'd some hot dogs. Its now 8pm and we're waiting for dark so that G can do her sparklers. She's really excited about them although she has absolutely no idea what they are :-) We decided to pass on a big fireworks show again this year. I think by next year she'll be ready to enjoy it.

The pic below is July's monthly installment of The Tutu Two Year Old. Not actually my favorite and I was thinking about having them redone but you get the idea. I'll post more pix later. Until then, Happy 4th of July to all from the Crowell Gang!!!

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