Sunday, April 25, 2010

Amy's Farm with Friends
One of our Lucky Mommys, Christy, has a relative with a working farm nearby. They also do school tours there. We were fortunate enough to be able to visit! A few friends were not able to come due to other commitments so it just ended up being the three girls and moms. We still had a great time though!

This is G in front of the cows. She loved the cows but, somewhat disturbingly, was more fascinated with playing with the many flies that surrounded the cows. Gross, right??
G and Mia looking at the cows
G loved climbing on the fence and looking over at the cows, roosters and chickens.
She'd been hunting for a ladybug and once she finally found one she was able to catch it! I was glad she didn't squish it. Tanya was glad we found a ladybug. She's hoping that means her travel info is on its way quickly.
G loved the goats. I think she could have stayed in their pen petting them all day!

Feeding Wilbur the pig some organic lettuce that our guide had just picked!
Combing the miniature horse. This little one is blind, he was a rescue horse. Gracie in the back looks on.
Group shot. G looks really unhappy. She's now willing to sit with the group for a photo but isn't that happy about it. Baby steps.
G also got to try some fresh from the cow milk... I mean really fresh. It had only been out of the cow for about 30 secs. She decided it was "good"
Afterwards, we all went to my favorite fast food place in the whole world CHICK FIL A. G fell asleep in her seat and then slept on my shoulder for about an hour while the mommies chatted. Poor little thing was zonked out.
Awesome day!!!

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Tanya said...

We had a fun time with you and Christy. It was great for us mommies to get to talk! :) Hope to see you soon!