Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Santa Claus is coming..."
"two times." This is how G sings the song "Santa Claus is coming to Town" I always tell her "to town" and she smiles, bobs her head up and down in agreement then repeats "Santa Claus is coming two times" ... cracks me up!!

So, last year, G was not a Santa fan. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Here's last year's pic:
We'd only been home a few days at the time last year but I really wanted a santa pic from her first christmas. Basically, we sat her on his lap, jumped back, camera snap, then we grabbed the terrified baby as quickly as possible. The entire santa visit lasted about oh, 10 secs tops. Well, the standing in line to see santa part took about an hour but I digress a bit. I felt guilty about it but she was fine within another 10 secs so...

But this year was a whole new thing. G has been soooo excited about santa. We started about a month ago reading santa stories and talking about santa or as G says "sana caws." Then, in november when we did our thanksgiving photos, santa was already there doing xmas shots. He was super nice to her and visited a bit. I had high hopes that she would still be liking santa a few weeks later when we were scheduled to our xmas photos. Instead of waiting in the horrendous santa line I decided to do them at the local studio with the number one reason being ability to make an appt!!

Guess what?? she still loved santa!!! He was a super nice and calm santa too. Plus, he remembered Georgie from a few weeks before. I think its a bit unusual for a child this age, 23 mos, to be so comfortable around santa but I'm thrilled!!! Here are the pix:

This is G hugging santa as tight as she can complete with a grunting noise to show she was using all her strength! Kiss for santa. Not actually the greatest pic of G of course but his expression is so funny.

So then, crazy mom I am, I had two outfits. The dressy one above for the santa pix and a super cute casual one for just G alone and to wear on christmas day. I actually decided to go back for a second sitting a few days later so we could try going first thing in the morning. It worked out great!! No one was there yet and we were able to get some super cute pix in just a few minutes. G's starting to really get the hang of this photo thing which is good cuz in the past she has been super difficult to photograph.

Here are the casual ones:

This my absolute favorite of the group. I just love this picture of my beautiful, beautiful girl.

G is really excited about christmas and santa and keeps talking about leaving him a cookie and milk. I still don't think she understands completely about presents but I have no doubt she'll figure it out quickly. So fun!!!


Brandi said...

Those pics are fabulous! Wish there was somewhere around here that did pics with Santa like that!

Merry Christmas to you & your family!

Jen said...

Just adorable photos! Looks like she had a lot of fun with Santa! Our Emma, almost 22 months, screamed at the thought of sitting on his lap, so we only got a photo of our 5 year old with him. She likes pictures of him, so maybe there is hope for next year!