Monday, December 07, 2009

Georgie Day!!!
One year ago today...
Bobby and I waited in a conference room in the Gloria Hotel in Nanchang, China nervously anticipating the arrival of our little girl. I was so scared and excited and happy. I can vividly recall my inability to breath as I leaned over the bannister and saw her coming up the circular stairway in her brown, puffy, puppy oufit. They quickly placed her in my arms and, in a blink, she was our daughter!!

The last year with Georgie has not all been completely smooth sailing of course. There have been some challenges. But, overall, having G in my life has been as great as I imagined it would be. Which is pretty impressive!!

Bobby and I comment almost daily about how lucky we feel to have been matched with this particular little girl. She is perfect for our family in every way. What a personality she has!!! She's smart, funny, and full of energy. Truth be told, she's a bit stubborn and can often be quite the little stinker!!! The perfect Crowell!!

Georgiana is now exactly 23 mos old so I thought I'd create a list of 23 things that are great about Georgie and getting to be her mommy:

1. Her beautiful smile
2. The fact that I have hair clippies in every room of the house. I even have a yellow princess one on my desk at work. I'm not sure why :-)
3. I finally have a reason to go down the "girl" toy aisles at the stores.
4. Spider monkey hugs
5. The way she runs. When she's going really fast she puts her arms back behind her. I think its her calculate way of reducing drag ;-)
6. Her laugh. Its nothing short of hearty. Deep and free.
7. When she gives me flowers that she's picked for me on her walks.
8. Rocking her and singing her songs at bedtime
9. Getting to read her bedtime stories. All my old fav's are brand new to her!
10. The way her hair smells after a bath.
11.Her hair. Its so soft!
12. Her boundless energy. I admit it often wears me out!
13.The way she covers her mouth when she laughs.
14. The fact that she loves her brothers so much and they love her.
15. Hearing her yell "yeah Georgie!!" when she's proud of herself for something like using the potty!
16. How fun it is to buy her clothes and shoes--she looks so beautiful in everything the only hard part is limiting my purchases.
17. Watching her learn.
18. The cute little way she says "scared" when something frightens her... which is all the time. She's quite the little chicken.
19. That she LOVES to talk on the phone, especially to telemarkers.
20. Seeing her chill with daddy on the couch. She loves her daddy.
21. The little pile of twigs, leaves and rocks she has in the garage from collecting them on her walks.
22.The fact that she always says "bless you" whenever she hears anyone sneezes
23. Hearing her say "I love you!"

We celebrated Georgie Day by going to PF Changs. G loved it!!! She ate daddy's egg flower soup, 5 big shrimp, some mongolian beef, and tons of rice. For as skinny as she is she can sure put the food away. She was so funny too because when I got home from work I told her we were going to celebrate "Georgie Day." Then she spent the rest of the evening yelling "happy Georgie day!!" while wearing a giant smile to anyone who would listen including our waitress at the restaraunt.

Cutest girl ever!

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