Tuesday, July 07, 2009

18 mos old today!!!!
That's right. Today marks Georgie's 1/2 year birthday!!! It also represents 7 mos since we met her in Nanchang. She continues to blossom. Georgie is so much fun, its hard to imagine what life was like before she joined our family.

Georgie loves to climb... we're talking anything she can find with her favorite being the back of the couch so she can open and close and open and close and open and close (you get the picture) the window shutters. Her favorite new toy is her foam blocks which she loves!!! She puts them in the box and takes them out then puts them in all over again. Then she slides the box all around the house until she decides its time to dump them all out again!!! G still has a great appetite and particularly loves anything with noodles, Hamburger Helper is her meal of choice. G has a huge vocabulary including my personal fave "lub you" ahhhhhh, so sweet!!! Hearing her say it melts my heart. She also likes to give BIG hugs and squeezes so hard that she grunts a little :-)

Its official, we love her with all our hearts!!!

Georgie in the bath with pointy hair a la Daddy:

In the front yard:

Smiley girl!!!

I love this picture of Georgiana. Isn't she gorgeous???

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