Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New look!!
I was getting tired of my blog. You can pay talented, informed people to create a custom blog design for you. I think it runs about $100. I kept thinking about going that route but it seemed kind of pricey. I'm not talented enough to create one of my own. I'm just not techie enough. Then I ran across a site called "Hot Bliggity Blog". They have all these premade blog backgrounds to choose from along with super easy instructions for installing them. So cool!!!

I tried to find one that coordinated with my flowery custom title bar. I'm not sure, maybe its a little too busy??? Anyway, I'll try this for awhile and if it gets to be a little much, I'll change it!

1 comment:

Peanut Shell said...

very scrapbookey! you guys are welcome to visit anytime.