Wednesday, January 07, 2009

She's "1" and she walks!!!!
OMG!!! Its official, my sweet, adorable, funny, engaging, gorgeous, brilliant and precious little girl is one year old today! In order to give us a little breathing room after China, Christmas, and New Year's we'll be doing her coming out/birthday party in a few weeks. So, today we decided to get Miss G's first official studio shots done to celebrate her presence on earth (and general cuteness!!!) for a whole year. She had an extra long nap and lunch and then I popped her into her Birthday Girl outfit I bought her right after referral when I realized that we were going to be able to share this occasion with her. I wasn't too sure she'd tolerate the pointy hat but I was hoping for just a single shot with the whole ensemble.

Let me first say "WOW!" has studio photography improved a lot since Brett and Casey were babies or what???? Back in the olden days, I'd have to dress the boys up, haul them to the mall, and have them photographed in 5 or so pre-determined poses (you had to pay extra if you wanted to do a pose of your own choosing). The pix were taken with a film camera that was permanently affixed to the tripod. Kids (no matter how small) were photographed on those tables that were 3 feet off the ground so my boys would often cry or look terrified because they were afraid of falling. They'd shoot the pix hoping that their eyes weren't closed or that they really did catch that smile. Once finished, you'd leave and return 3 weeks later only to find that none of the pix were that good. No, Brett wasn't smiling in the one the girl thought he had been and one of them was great except mom's hand was visible at the side of the pic cuz I hadn't pulled my hand back quickly enough from holding Casey onto the table while he attained "pose" and "smile." But, "it was OK" I was told by the clerk, there would be no sitting fee if we wanted to retake them. And go through that baloney again??? No thanks. I finally got smart and started doing nice casual photos at home or at a local garden and then having them enlarged. So much nicer.

Anyway, enough of my trip down memory lane. Our pix today were done at a chain called Picture People and they were so awesome!!! G was a little wary at first but came around. Honestly, I wasn't sure if we were getting any good pix during the 15 mins or so they shot them. After that we waited about 5 mins and out they came with pre-framed photos that were so beautiful that Bobby took one look at them and the expression on my face and reached directly into his pocket, pulled out his credit card and say "ok, you got me, you win!"

The store emails you copies of the pix so you can buy more later if you missed a few ;-)

As you can see, there's a watermark on the photos but you can still get the general idea! Oh, and over the last 2 days, Miss G went from 2-4 steps to 20 plus. It's official, she's a walker!!!! Life is good, really good!!!


Jen said...

Cute! I did this thing where I'd go to JCP once a month on G's bday, toting the $3.99/sheet no sitting fee coupon, and then get like 20 bucks worth of pics each month. Mine still only takes 2-3 steps, haha.

Peanut Shell said...

The winter stroller is the P3 (I originally bought it as his only stroller, but the bulk of it bothers me); I use it during the winter because it's more cushy and protected from the elements than my other stroller. =]

Rhonda said...



Teresa said...

Just came across your blog through Christy's.

I love Picture People. They do great work. They cornered, uh asked me if I wanted a free picture of my son (then age 3) so I said, "Sure!" Well, the picture was so good and they put it in black and white with a black frame and before I knew it, I paid $70. However it remains one of my favorite pictures and I tracked them down (they closed the local one so I found another one 15 minutes away) when my daughter was 3 so I could get matching photos.