Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Georgiana's first Christmas
We had a very nice and quiet day at home. My mom came over, Brett was home from school. It was great! OK, let's just start out by saying that this was not my best holiday decorating ever. You'll notice from the pix, there are no ornaments on our tree!!! We were so jet lagged and Christmas was in just a few days, it just didn't seem worth it to drag out all the decorations just to put them away a few days later. So Bobby put up our pre-lit tree, I tossed a sheet down around the trunk for the skirt and off we went. I felt kind of bad about it but, whatever, Georgie didn't care!!

Georgiana's favorite gifts were definitely the shopping cart and her musical glow worm. With the cart, she loves to put things in and take things out then push it around til she bumps into something and has to be redirected. I've tried to teach her to back up to no avail. The glow worm music makes her so happy. As always, as soon as she hears music, she starts to dance by swaying back and forth. Its the cutest thing ever!!!

A few days before the big day, we took her to see Santa at the local mall. Let's just say G was not a fan of the big, red man. Yes, that's right, she screamed!!! Poor baby.

Here are some pix of Christmas Day:

Georgie, Brett and Casey --she loves her big brothers so much!!!

Georgie in her Santa dress:

G pushing her shopping cart:


amy said...

just beautiful. glad she had a wonderful day

Jen said...

Ah yes, we probably visited the same creepy santa at Vic Gardens. Mine didn't scream, though the santa looked like he was! Have you thought about when you're coming back to work?