Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A day of firsts...
Today was a big day for Baby G. Its been a little cold around here (for my east coast friends that means like 60-65 degrees ;-) and G's had a little bit of a sniffle so we hadn't been able to get to the park yet. But, today was the day!!! We put G on the baby swing and she loved it! She was just as happy as can be and was even trying to pump her little legs to swing harder! Unfortunately, although she smiled and giggled my camera has this weird second or two delay which always ends up with me missing the smile. Anyway, you'll have to take me word for it, she loved it and she smiled.

After that, we decided to take G to get her hair trimmed. As you can see G has lots of beautiful shiny hair but it was always hanging in her eyes. She also has something that I find very strange --a double crown. That's right, she has two about and inch apart. They make a little horseshoe shape on the top of her head which I refer to as her little tiara! Anyway, I was a little concerned about the haircut because neither of the boys enjoyed getting their haircut at all. If I remember correctly, Brett screamed so much that Bobby had to sit in the chair and hold Brett in his lap while he screamed and cried for 10 mins. Not G, she was a happy little camper. We went to a kids haircut place where they have little plastic cars for them to sit in during the cut. She honked the horn and smiled. Honestly, she is the most easy going kid I've ever come across!

Last stop was Costco. I spent the last few days loading, sorting and editing all our China photos to be printed. We went to pick them up today, all $110 worth. Eeek. What's amazing is that even though I took tons of pics, about 1200 I believe, as I was going through them I was wishing that I would have taken a lot more. Oh well, what can you do. G slept through Costco in her stroller and since we didn't want to wake her up we decided to get a Very Berry Sundae. G woke up immediately and so she had her first taste of ice cream!!! She doesn't tend to like cold or hot foods, room temp is good for her, so ice cream was definitely new. It was so funny to give her a little taste and watch her face scrunch up like she'd bitten into a lemon then quickly turn to a smile and lean forward for another little bite!! Have I mentioned how stinking cute this little girl is?? OK, I probably have, but geez she's a cutie!

Georgie at the park:

Georgie getting her hair cut at Magic Cuts:




Steve and Rebecca said...

Hello! You left a great comment on our blog several days ago when we recieved our referral... I think our daughters are from the same SWI??? Zangshu Jiangxi??? Forgive me for being ignorant in this kind of thing...(one of my NRR is to learn more about the "lay out" of China!)...but, if there is only one orphanage there...then our daughters would have been at the same one??? I was wondering if you would have pictures from that time? Or, where in your blog I could find you for your well wishes! Your girl is ADORABLE and she looks so happy!!!!!

Manette said...

WOW is she getting BIG!!! She looks perfect!!! I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Red Sand said...

My goodness, is she ever cute!! I'm impressed with her hair-cut attitude - my niece hates every second of it.