Sunday, July 12, 2015

Yangshuo back to Guilin:
The next morning the tour set up a Chinese cooking class for the girls. Georgie loved this! In fact, when asked later she named it as one of her top three experiences from the trip. Its funny because I'm pretty sure that, at home, she's never used a sharp knife. But, at the class, she was slicing and dicing with this huge cleaver... kinda scary. Bobby helped with the first recipe so I decided to take a walk. I followed a small dirt road along the and, after a few minutes, I came to a little village. There weren't a lot of people out and about but, I won't lie, the few I encountered seemed pretty surprised to see me :-)

Georgie finished the class feeling very proud of her cooking accomplishments then crashed out on the bus for the long drive back to Guilin. We made a quick stop at Elephant Trunk Hill, its a photo stop, its not too exciting. But!! A couple years ago I saw a Samantha Brown episode where she showed the cormorant fishermen (the ones who fish with the birds) and I really wanted to see them. We didn't get to :-) but, for the very, very low price of only 15 yuan (about $2.40) they had a photo thing where you could dress up in traditional Miao costume and take pix with the birds!! Uh, yeah!!!

That night they had a farewell dinner party for all the kids which included a talent show. The guide had mentioned it to the kids the day before but I didn't give it too much thought. Wasn't I surprised when Georgie told me that she was going to participate! So many people think of Georgie as shy but, I've said it a million times, she's quiet, not shy. She actually loves to be the center of attention! And what did she choose as her talent? She told jokes :-) She really does crack me up.
And then, just like that, the group tour portion of the trip was over :-(

But don't worry... WE weren't done yet. Not by a long shot.

as we turned off the road to the cooking class, we saw this. fantastic!

is that a knife or what?

this was part of a very large poster. Some of the unhealthy combos seem logical: dog meat with garlic, rabbit with celery and OJ, white wine and coffee? ok, that makes sense. But, what's wrong with beer and BBQ??

On my village walk I came across these women doing laundry in the river. I swear someday I need to assemble all of my "women doing laundry and men playing cards" photos. It seems to be a global constant.

I never got tired of looking at those beautiful hills. In Guilin they're always part of the background.


one of the other moms joked that to get landscaping that looked like this back home, you'd have to pay a fortune. So true.

I love the red good luck scrolls on the entry way of this home.

Georgie's work product

working on the second course!

Elephant Trunk Hill... see it?

My Miao princess with her cormorants


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