Monday, July 06, 2015

Temple of Heaven, Pearl Market
The tour agency had offered an add on tour for Monday the 15th which included Temple of Heaven, lunch, and a factory tour for $50 pp. I figured we could do it cheaper and with more flexibility on our own. I was right!! We caught a cab and toured around the temple for a few hours. All very simple to do on our own.

It was hot but I think Georgie enjoyed seeing all the older people in the park dancing and singing and playing cards. I've always found it interesting that Chinese p...arks are designed more with adults in mind than children. We took pictures in front if all the typical buildings, tried yelling at the echo wall, and stood on the praying stone. Georgie even practiced her assertive Chinese skills by winding her way to the front of the emperors throne building... No easy feat I can assure you!

After that we crossed the street (which I think is like 12 lanes wide) to the KFC. A few minutes of sitting someplace cool, a drink and a nibble rejuvenated Georgie and my girl was ready to SHOP!! We hit the Hong something-or-other pearl market which is just a block or so away...OMG it's a shoppers paradise. When G walked in and saw floor after floor of booths filled with every imaginable thing she was practically shaking from the excitement. We spent a few hours doing some damage. All the stuff is so beautiful and, for the most part, very reasonably priced.

At some point Bobby told me we'd spent a lot of money and should probably call it a day ;-)  I'm not sure I agreed but G was getting tired...she finally did it... shopped until she dropped!!

Dinner was back at the super tasty hole in the wall place. Yum!!


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