Monday, June 03, 2013

Memorial Weekend
My birthday almost always falls on the 3 day weekend, super handy! It was such a nice three days. Saturday we went to the mall for a bit of shopping then Bobby took Georgie to the park while I got a foot massage. It wasn't quite as good as the $8 foot massages in Nanchang but it was pretty good! and only $15 so not bad at all. Sunday we made our annual beginning of summer trek to San Clemente to hit up the Rainbow store for new flip flops, lunch and then some beach time. Monday we went to the new movie Epic and then dinner at Gyu Kaku. I think it might have been one of  nicer birthdays :-)
 Georgie got her first pair of rainbows... yay!!
Of course Georgie loved the beach!
On Monday, my actual birthday, Georgie and Bobby were busy making me the world's biggest birthday card with chalk on our driveway... loved it!
My best birthday gift was getting to spend three days hanging out with Bobby and my favorite girl :-)

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