Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Griffith Observatory
Georgie had a week and a half off between the end of preschool and the beginning of her summer day camps. I brought her to the office with me a couple times... even to court (don't worry, she was a perfect angel just as I hoped :-)  but it can't be all work and no play, right? So, I took a couple days off and we had some fun days with Grandma. Anyone who knows me knows that I am always looking for something new to do. I figure hey!! I live in southern california --an area where people from all over the world come to vacation --I'm going to check out all the touristy and attraction type places around. Having said that, I've never been to the Griffith Observatory and thought it sounded interesting.

Georgie has been particularly interested in the planets and constellations since doing a science unit on them in her preschool class. Its cute because she's memorized the order of the planets and loves repeating them and telling me about Pluto no longer being a planet which she explains something like this (sadly I don't have it on video but to get the full effect you need to imagine it being said without taking a breath and in a cute sing-songy almost valley girl way) "Momma, Pluto used to be a planet but its not a planet anymore and I'm so sad that its not a planet because I love Pluto so much because its so tiny and so, so cute" Haha!! Love it!

Some of the exhibits were over her head. Heck, some of them were over my head. But, there were some great ones explaining synchronized rotation, the phases of the moon and the the different planetary orbits. Georgie particularly liked the Foucault Pendulum and the Tesla Coil and she really, really liked the movie we saw on the domed planetarium ceiling. I did too! Very cool.

I'd intended to have enough time to take G over to the Griffith Park carousel and ponies but, we ended up having so much fun at the observatory, it got too late. Oh well, maybe next time!

Lovin' the tude in this picture!
My mom and Georgie looked very interested in this cloud chamber thing :-)
With Albert Einstein
 Georgie loved these purple binoculors. They work really well too!
Georgie read something about a sundial in one of the Magic Tree House books. Ever since then she's been very interested in them. I was trying to show her how it worked but it was a bit cloude.

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