Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Construction cutie
I remember taking Brett and Casey to the Home Depot kids workshops a couple times when they were little. With chinese school on summer vacation we have our Saturday mornings free for awhile. I wasn't completely sure if Georgie would like the workshop. Swinging a hammer isn't super girlie and Georgie is intentionally and vehemently girlie. What the heck, its free! Why not give it a try.

G totally rocked the orange apron!
Look! Georgie's using a tool and smacking something. She even managed to put a little power into it.

 Once we moved on to the painting step, G was a bit more in her element.

The finished product! And, in case you couldn't tell, its a lawnmower shaped pencil holder. Exceptionally useful, dontcha think?


1Kathleen said...

So cute. My daughter adores home depot workshops too. Did you Lowes does the same thing? So much fun.

1Kathleen said...

My daughter LOVE Build N Grow at Home Depot as well. Did you know that they do the same thing at Lowes? So much fun.