Friday, May 17, 2013

Cinderella Ballet
Georgie and I have enjoyed the Nutcracker performances the last few years so when I saw they were going to be doing a version of Cinderella it was an easy call. It was a great, kid-friendly performance. The costumes and dancing were wonderful! At intermission Georgie mentioned to me that she'd noticed that there was no talking. I thought it was funny because she's seen the Nutcracker at least three times but I guess she never put it together before that ballet would mean just dance and music.
The stepfamily was hilarious! Stepmother was danced by a man, something I thought obvious but from listening to the comments of many audience members after the performance, it wasn't universally understood. Funny.

 Georgie's favorites were the birds and mice. They were awfully cute!
 Hitting one of her own ballet poses I guess :-)

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