Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Phantom Tollbooth
This was the last show of the children's series at our local theater. I recall my boys reading the book years ago in school but I didn't know the story. Reading the summary of the show I was a bit concerned that Georgie wouldn't be able to follow the story. It sounded weird and complicated.

For anyone who isn't familiar, the premise is that Milo is a teen boy who is perpetually bored. One day, a magic tollbooth appears in his room and takes him to a faraway land The Kingdom of Wisdom where he encounters dueling kings: The King of Dictionopolis who thinks that words are more important than numbers and The King of Digitopolis who has the opposite opinion. Milo is helped to navigate this strange world and escape "The Doldrums" by Tock a "watch" dog that wears a very large clock around his neck. After some adventures the two eventually manage to rescue the kings' sisters Princesses Rhyme and Reason. With Rhyme and Reason restored all is well and Milo realizes that the world is a beautiful and interesting place.

It's an odd little story but fortunately G had no trouble following it. Although she did require an explanation of the word "bored" with which she was not at all familiar. Not surprising, G is never bored! Overall cute show. G and I were even thinking we should read the book so we can learn about some of Milo's other adventures!
 G with King of Digitopolis
 and one of the demons (scary!)
 and finally Tock.

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