Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last year Bobby and I took G to see Shrek at the Pantages. It was a great show! It popped up again on the California Theater subscription I do with my mom. The bad news... Easter evening!!! Seriously??? I love the California Theater. Its really nice and always surprises me that such a place exists in San Bernardino which is, otherwise, such a pit. But this year is going to be our last. They dropped the Sunday evening performances and they are SO, SO, SO disorganized and unprofessional. I'm just done. Its such a bummer but, sadly, a necessary choice. Anyway, enough of my vent and on to the show...

So, after spending a lovely day in Palos Verdes with Bobby and G, I came home, grabbed a quick nap and headed back out to spend a lovely evening with my mom :-) We had a nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant near the theater. The show was great! So funny and very well done. Its one of those shows that seems to appeal equally to both kids and adults which is fantastic. My mom liked it too!

Nice evening with mom!

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