Sunday, April 07, 2013

A conversation
Awhile back, during our morning snuggle:

G: "how many more days til Easter mama?"
Me: "just a few more"
G: "The Easter Bunny is going to bring me a basket and a toy and eggs and maybe just a little bit of candy, right mama?"
Me: "That sounds about right"
G: (turning toward me so that we're nose to nose and whispering --which is funny because we're the only two people home) "The Easter Bunny isn't real but its fun to pretend that he is, huh mama?"
Me: "That's right sweetie, its super fun"
G: (back to full volume) "I love Easter!"

I bet she doesn't believe in Santa either but I'm not asking :-)

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Jackies Mum said...

Hi there, your photography of young G is fantastic and I do love her Easter dress. How lovely also to see a little girl dressed as a little girl. I might hunt that pattern down and see about making for my little Grand daughter for next Easter.