Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beauty and the Beast
I think it might be my favorite play... well, at least in the top few :-) BATB has always been my favorite Disney movie and the musical is even better. I saw it a year or two ago with my mom and we had AWESOME seats, much better than our regular ones. I had to do an exchange and we ended up being seated in the Golden Circle which are the seats that people leave to their children in wills and cost a FORTUNE! I'm not sure how we got so lucky that time but it was great.

It was was excited to see BATB pop up on our Calif Theater series. The same production was also going to be at the Pantages a few weeks later but hey! I already had seats. Uh yeah, not sure why, but the series performance was cancelled about 6 weeks before it was scheduled to run. How annoying. If I wouldn't have thought we were going to see it at the other location I could have purchased seats about 8 mos earlier during presale. But, I really, really wanted G and Bobby to see the show so I ended up getting the "best available" seats for what turned out to be the last day of the run. The seats weren't great, several rows up in the balcony, which is always a problem for me because of my crappy vision. Fortunately, Bobby and G had no issues and I enjoyed the music and the big picture :-0

Good news? It was just as wonderful as I remembered. The sets, the costumes, the music... fantastic! G loved it too.

G decided not to wear her Belle dress choosing comfort over aesthetics... smart! But, just because you're not wearing a princess dress doesn't mean you can't let your inner princess show through with a bun and tiara.

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