Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Joys of Georgiana
Georgie is very creative. She gives little attention to toys but loves her craft supplies; scissors, tape (her fav!), markers, pencils, crayons, and paper. These are the things that thrill my girl! She can spend hours working on her projects. Our kitchen table is perpetually covered with the remnants of her work.

This was one of G's more interesting creations. I was getting ready to toss this piece of cardboard in the trash when Georgie stopped me explaining that she "needed it". I tried to tell her it was trash but she said "please!" Ok, ok. A couple hours later she reappeared "look what I made mommy!" She told me a little story about it too:
"Once upon a time there was a little, little butterfly that was really, really small. She saw a path that led to a shady spot. She fluttered up and fluttered down and then saw a tiny spot, a shady spot. She fit it in just right so she curled up and said 'good night'. The end."
Cute, huh? I was most impressed with the way she used the tape to wrap the tree around the corner to make it stand up. The red piece in the corner is the butterfly, the red dots represent the butterfly's path leading to the "shady spot".

A few days later she drew these flowers and then taped them (gotta have tape!!) to the vase. I encourage her to tell the story and this time she wrote it down. Love it! She water colored the background then I helped her attach it.
 The idea for this one came from a children's art book I bought.

 This is one Saturday's projects!
This is G's interpretation of an orphanage in China. All the little people are babies, all the big people are the nannies that take care of the babies. She explained that all the babies are happy because the nannies take good care of them. I have no idea why there is a smiling mouse. I'm also not clear on whether or not that thing at the right is a boat and if the little creatures on the bottom are sea animals, snakes, worms or something else???
One afternoon we gave wax resist a try. We used a white crayon and tried a few different methods.
This was Georgie's favorite of the group.
This one was Georgie's own creation... a family of merfolk. She freehand cut the pieces then taped them together. The tape isn't quite as obvious in person as it is in this photo.
Time will tell if Georgie's creativity leads to artistry. It doesn't really matter though... what matters is that she LOVES to create things. And, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next :-)

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