Thursday, March 14, 2013

Peter Pan on the big screen
El Capitain shows classic Disney movies in between their new release films. Its fun because even though I may have seen the movie many, many times in my life, I usually haven't had the opportunity to see them on the big screen. Its a totally different experience for sure. Many times they're brand new to Georgie.

The theater offers a character breakfast at the Disney Soda Fountain next door. Instead of Pan and maybe Capt Hook they had Jake from the Neverland Pirates. The show is really popular and I guess a bigger draw than Pan. G was happy, she loves Jake!

After breakfast we watched the movie. So funny. The old ones are charming and also cringe-worthy in their lack of PC-ness... I think I'd forgotten that they refer to Native Americans as "injuns". Still, I couldn't stop myself from silently singing along to "what makes the red man red, when did he first say 'ugh'". Georgie thought it was all great, of course. She laughed and laughed.

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