Thursday, March 21, 2013

Huntington Library
with Grandma :-)  My mom hadn't been in many years so we made a day of it. Just the girls! I built up some anticipation in Georgie by showing her pictures of Pinkie and Blue Boy... who doesn't love them, right? Georgie was fascinated by the sad story of Pinkie who died at the age of 12, probably from the flu. It brought up a good discussion about how lucky we are to live during a time where there are good medicines and doctors. Art history is full of death and sadness some of which is pretty heavy for a five year old.

Anyway, we'd booked the tea for lunch but we got there a little early so we checked out some of the galleries. Its funny because we've many times in the last year or so since we've had our membership and we've spent a surprisingly small amount of time in the galleries. The gardens are so beautiful you can spend all your time there. We got G an audio headset and explained how it worked and how to locate the "kids" audios. G was really into it and would search around to find the two digit codes, punch the numbers in and listen intently. I'm not sure how much of it she was really picking up but she was having a good time doing it :-)

Finally, it was time for tea! Georgie loves tea and the Rose Garden Tea Room is pretty great. After a lovely lunch we moved on to the gardens. It was a bit early in the year so not everything was in bloom but they are beautiful no matter the season. We managed to cover most of the property--there are still a few gardens I've never seen--before we were all exhausted and it was getting close to closing time.

Wonderful day!

After looking at Pinkie and Blue Boy, Georgie was wandering the European gallery looking for more kids audios when all of a sudden she gave out a quiet shriek! She'd found a painting of Georgiana Cavendish... she was so tickled that they shared a name! She immediately asked me to take her picture in front of her namesake.
The gardens are filled with endless photo opportunities... next time I might have to bring my big camera so I can get some really great photos.
 The camelias were one of the few flowers in bloom in mid February.
 G loves her Grandma!
We always spend a lot of time in the Chinese garden. Its so beautiful... the kind of place that makes you want to sit for awhile.
 Georgie's ferocious face :-)
The cherry blossoms are in bloom by now... time to go back!

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