Monday, March 11, 2013

American Girl
About four months ago I started working with Georgie on sight word recognition. I came across this website that breaks the Fry's 1000 sight words down into 10 groups of 100 each. When we began I thought that we would probably get through the first few hundred and then that would be about it.  Thing is, Georgie really got into this. We'd do them in the car on the way to school. She was really excited about it! We whizzed through the first 100, then the next and by the time we got to about 600 I started thinking that we might be able to do all of them.

To encourage her and make it fun, each time she finished a group of 100, I'd take her to Target or whatever and let her pick out a small toy. Eventually we decided that once she finished all 1000 she'd get a "super extra special prize". Truthfully, when I first brought up the idea of the "super extra special prize" I had no idea what it would be. But then it came to me... a Mommy/Georgie trip to the American Girl doll store at the Grove in LA! I'd been wanting to take her for awhile but wanted to save it for something special. Perfect!! She actually finished a few weeks before we left for vacation but I had absolutely no time. Plus, if you want to eat at the American Girl doll cafe on a weekend or a holiday, you need to have a reservation a few weeks in advance. Its a very popular place. We ended up going just a few days after we got home from vacay.

The picking-out-a-doll part was super easy. Georgie had been thumbing through the catalogs they send to the house for over a year. She'd already decided she wanted a doll that she thought looked like her. A friend suggested that I call ahead and book a personal shopper (yes, they have personal shoppers at a doll store, so funny!). I'd suggest it actually. The lines in that place are CRAZY!!! With a personal shopper we didn't have to wait in even one! Everywhere you look there were little girls ogling dolls and books and clothes as their bewildered parental units trailed along behind them happily waiting for the moment that, they too, would be the proud sherpa of one of those big pink bags :-)

Georgie named her doll Emily and she chose matching dresses for the two of them :-) So cute!
Everything about the store and the cafe is nirvana for a girly girl like Georgie
The cafe is really cute! They have these little high chairs that clip on the table for the dolls

I noted on the reservation that we were celebrating an occasion --if you can't call learning 1000 sight words before you're even 5 years old and occasion I don't know what is --so they brought G a dessert with a candle and sang "Congratulations to you" to her. G loved the little flower pot filled with chocolate mousse.

 Three ladies (and a puppy) doing lunch.
Everything about the store is aimed at the doll. Even in the bathroom there's this little hook thing so you can hang your doll friend up and keep her safe.
What a great day!

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