Thursday, February 14, 2013

Its official! Georgiana is 5 yrs old! I can’t believe it. Even though Bobby suggested to her that perhaps she should just spend another year being 4, she decided that she’d go ahead and be five. Darn it all. My baby is getting older. So wonderful and yet so sad. Sigh.

Even though today’s port was Grand Cayman we decided to spend the day on the ship instead. We’ve been to GC twice before. Plus, I’d heard that port days can be awesome days to stay on the ship; everyone is off doing excursions and tours leaving the ship pretty empty. We had a late breakfast, visited with a few characters then hit the pool. It was great! Whereas the day before there was not a single open deck chair, we now had our choice! G was able to enjoy the Mickey pool and other water activities without a crowd. It was a very nice change.

We returned to the room to get ready for the evening and G watched part of a Disney movie. Its nice that there’s an On Demand station that shows Disney films. For the 45 mins or so before dinner they have quite a few characters available. Bobby and I are becoming experts at timing the lines to ensure we obtain maximum character coverage  Then it was off to dinner at the third and final restaurant in our dining rotation, Animator’s Palette. Wow! Super fun place. The animation artist theming is great! From the pencil shaped columns to the paintbrush-shaped butter knives its just cute, cute, cute. We had a great table right next to one of the video screens allowing G to have a great view of the show. Our food, especially my salmon tartare starter, was super tasty as well. With few exceptions I’ve been very impressed with the food in the dining rooms and the quick service places.

Dinner included a round of “Happy Birthday” which thrilled G to death. By this point, G was exhausted and could barely keep her eyes open but we really wanted to see the evening’s show “Buckets and Boards”. We decided to make our way to the front of the ship where the theater is located and let Georgie take a daddy nap… you know, sleep on daddy’s shoulder. It worked out pretty well. By the time the show began, G had slept a bit and was able to enjoy the show. Actually enjoy is putting it mildly, she absolutely howled with laughter. The show is a musical comedy duo that’s a bit hard to describe but suffice to say, they’re funny!

Once the show was over, G was completely done and started asking if we were going to go back to the room to sleep. Poor baby. I think we wore her out. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

This was the craziest and most energetic Peter Pan I've ever come across. He ran around, screamed and jumped up onto stairway banisters. At a few points I was actually concerned for him and the safety of some of the passengers. G and all the kids adored him and thought he was the greatest thing ever. Truthfully, he was quite entertaining but wow!
Happy Birthday to Georgiana!  
I'd always wanted to see Belle in her Christmas dress. Usually you have to be at WDW at Christmas time but, I guess since the ship was still decorated for Christmas, they brought her out. G and I saw her and ran!!! Yes, we're crazy. 
With the Buckets and Boards guys. They were so fun! 

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